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  • Ron – Partner of client

    Polly is very passionate and goes over and above for her clients. I think that without her in our corner it would be a completely different experience.

    We are very grateful for having her and continue to recommend Polly to all our friends. Having a doula is essential in the birthing process and is equally as important to have emotional support for the partner not giving birth (me).

  • Sharon, Nini, Maya, Natan and Yael (born June 15th 2014 @ 5:18pm 3.51 kg)

    Dear Polly

    Thank you so much for being a part of our wonderful birth experience. From the minute we met and you felt my baby girl inside my stomach we had a connection and you brought me to tears. You were so attentive and sensitive to my needs throughout the birth and knew better than me the strenght I had inside of me to bring Yael into the world safely and naturally.

    My family and I are so grateful for your support and expertise. We have been singing your praises and hopefully more women can enjoy your gift in the birth of their children.

    You have been blessed to be able to share the miracle of life as a doula and we were blessed to be able to share it you and with our family.

  • Leah

    We were blessed with our third beautiful daughter two and a half weeks ago.  Polly is a friend of mine and when she heard I was pregnant she asked if I would like her to accompany me to the hospital to help with the labor.

    I did not use a  Douala with my previous labours, I had an epidural with both.  This time I was almost two weeks late, and was really wanting to have the baby already.  Polly offered to come over and do some massages and acupressure, then we went on a little walk. Later that  day I went into labor.

    At the hospital, Polly was an amazing support. She had words of encouragement and a constant smile on her face. And even five hours later,  after helping through an very painful labor with no epidural, she still had the same smile on her face, a positive spirit and beautiful words of encouragement.


    Polly also helped me in the beginning of my labour with massages and breathing techniques.  When the contractions got more intense, I used the gas to help with the pain. Polly helped me with that as well. As soon as she felt another contraction coming on she would help me breathe the gas through it.

    Five and a half hours later our baby was born.  Polly was an amazing support and help !

    I would most definitely refer Polly to anyone looking for a doula / midwife, or even just an amazing positive support during their labor.


  • Karen

    I have recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl on April 15, 2013, who weighed a healthy 8lb 10 ounces at birth and I couldn't have done it without the help and assistance of Polly.

    The clock just struck midnight one evening and I was 3 days overdue from my due date. Shortly later, I started feeling contractions.

    Since I had experienced giving birth before, I knew right away this was the feeling of having contractions and I was going into true labour. I rested in my own bed for a while, staring at the bright lighted clock in a dark room. I looked at the clock every time I had a contraction. I started timing how far they are apart. The first few appeared to be approximately 10 minutes apart. Then comes 7-8 minutes. I double checked to make sure I didn't miss anything in my hospital bag. Next thing I know, my contractions are no longer than 4 minutes apart.

    I feel it speeded up too quickly so I woke up my husband to drive me to the hospital. On our car ride, I called my doctor to check in. She just returned from her shift from the hospital and I feel bad to call her because she had to return back to the hospital. But I'm sure she's all used to it. We arrived at the hospital around 2:00 am and there was hardly anyone there. The place felt so empty and cold. I can only see one nurse at the front desk. I took out my MSP card and started checking in at the hospital.

    I was then brought to the delivery room. She took some blood samples and allowed me to rest on the bed. But since my contractions are feeling so intense, I asked my husband to rub my back to make me feel better. I started throwing up as a natural reaction to labour. It happened the last time as well while I was in the delivery room. I didn't feel I got the support I wanted from my husband. I tried to think of a friend to come to support me.


    But it's already 2:30 am. I think all my friends are deep asleep. But there is one person that keeps coming to my mind. It's the Mexican lady that I met at the aquarium yesterday. She was with her children visiting the aquarium when I bumped into her. She walked up and said hi to me, seeing my big belly. She introduced and told me she is a Doula from Mexico and we happened to exchange numbers just the day before. I was in so much pain and wanted a girl friend to support me. So I did not hesitate and called Polly from my phone. I hope she wasn't asleep yet.

    When I called, she picked up. I was so glad. I told Polly I was at the BC Women's hospital going into labour. Without any hesitation, she appeared at the hospital with that friendly smile. I just met her from the day before, but that friendly smile seems like I had known her for many years. It was very comfortable. She came and supported me. She would help me rub my back just the way I wanted. She introduced me to do the squats to help the baby come down sooner. She taught me how to breathe properly. She was my companion, my support and my angel. I was in so much pain that I wanted the epidurals. I remember that kept the pain away with my first child. But Polly gave me some words of wisdom and showed me that I can do it without any painkillers. I tried to put up with the pain some more. Two hours had passed. I started feeling contractions no more than 30 seconds apart. Polly suggested the doctor to examine me. Next thing we know, I am 10 centimetres open. The baby is ready to come out. We went back to the bed to get ready for labour. I started pushing. With every push, I feel pain. Polly whispered gently in my ears, the baby is here. She wants to see you. This is what kept me going without giving up. There is no one else in the room that can give me the same support that Polly was able to give me. I believed in her. I kept up with it....shortly we hear a gently cry....

    The baby was finally born at 6:30 am. It's a girl. I couldn't be happier. I couldn't have done it without Polly. She was a miracle. I was glad I met this magical woman.


    We have since decided we are meeting Polly at least once every month with our baby girl for a group outing.

    She will be a longtime friend and support to me and my family.

     I will definitely refer her to any of my girl friends expecting in the near future.

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